Transporter<br />
<em>TV Series for HBO, Euroa Corp, Lagardere Entertainment</em> Cracked<br />
 <em>TV Series for CBC</em> John A: The Birth of a Country<br />
 <em>TV Movie for CBC</em> An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving<br />
 <em>For Hallmark, Muse Entertainment, Automatic Pictures</em> The Summit<br />
 <em>Mini-series (shot in Ontario, Ecuador & England) for CBC, Power & Shaftesbury Films</em> Everest 82<br />
 <em>Mini-series (shot in Alberta & BC) for CBC, Screen Door/Alberta Film Works</em> Call Me: The Rise And Fall Of Heidi Fleiss<br />
 <em>TV Movie (shot in Calgary, Los Angeles) for USA Network</em> Terry<br />
<em>TV Movie (shot in Ontario, Newfoundland) for CTV</em> Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion<br />
 <em>TV Mini-series for CBC, Salter Street Films/Tapestry Films</em> Children Of My Heart<br />
 <em>TV Movie for A Channel, Tapestry Films</em> The Avro Arrow<br />
 <em>TV Mini-series (shot in Manitoba) for CBC</em> LEXX<br />
<em>Series of 4 TV Movies (shot in Nova Scotia) for Showtime, Salter Street Films, TiMe Films</em> Sod Busters<br />
<em>TV Movie for Showtime, Atlantis Films</em>